May 4, 2022

The Root Cause For Procrastination and Laziness

Procrastination or laziness

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As humans, why do we often behave in ways that we don’t really want to do? How many times have you said or done something that surprised you when you thought about it? The point is, your actions are often motivated by your subconscious mind, especially those that are difficult to explain through emotional thinking. The delay is knowing what to do, can and encourages to do, but still does not. There are many obvious reasons for the delay, but the root cause of this negative behavior lies in the subconscious.

Procrastination is harmful

Your subconscious is less able to control life. Most of what you have in common control is limited to one thing at a time. That’s why using your energy to make real change isn’t worth it in the long run. All you have to do is change your automatic behavior in the subconscious, which is the part of you that controls all of the vital functions of your mind and body. You can try to overcome the delay using your preferences, but it’s usually a short change. The reason for the delay is not a decision, but the organization forgets who is most responsible for the decision.

Procrastination is dangerous

Your brain is designed to protect you, and when fear strikes, your brain will “work” to protect you from the actions of your subconscious. The irony is that we subconsciously train ourselves to fear something by sharing a false sense. It has no more meaning than the meaning you give to life. It creates a connection between the brain and an experience that is “fixed” in your brain so that you can act quickly and appropriately next time.

Whenever something happens to you, you make sense of it in a way that conveys the experience to yourself. Subconsciously you are still trying to create meaning and, on a very basic level, even if something means pain or pleasure. This concept is stored in the subconscious which will help you to do (or repeat) something worthwhile for the future. The problem is, when relationships continue to develop, it creates beliefs that affect behavior and often lead to delays.

Procrastination Apollo 1947
Procrastination-Do it Today

Delay is unnecessary intelligence, but it reveals a lot about forgetting, self-restraint, and (non) abilities. The main reason for delay is fear, especially fear that the action will cause illness or disease. On some level, your mind forgets to connect and searches for “information” to find “connections” that affect symptoms and behaviors. It can range from mild discomfort to physical pain. Even if your mind wants to do something, your mind will block you because it interferes with work. As humans, we get comfort and almost anything that we feel comfortable with at that time. It means more fun in the future, but that’s why we often stop doing things we don’t think we are right now.

Procrastination is a Bad habit

Learning how to meet those needs for real comfort is creating all the growth you need to create results. When you start to see delay as a blessing; You can start to use it and accept the feelings of the attitude it has towards you. Delay reveals your fears and gives you the stamina you need to deliberately overcome your fears and expand and develop your ability to create what you really want in life.

Your quality of life is directly proportional to the level of “discomfort” you feel. Because your anxiety about procrastination shows some of you enjoy anxiety, procrastination can lead to discovering some of your favorite goals.
He says we get used to it first, then attitude makes us. This also applies to the behavior of the mind and the behavior of delay. Your imagination prompts you to take action and shape your show. Like the pattern drawn on the disc, your function “play the same song” every time. Involvement in pain and happiness plays an important role in behavior. By repeating, you create thought patterns that allow you to somehow act or reverse when a behavioral behavior occurs.

Procrastination = Laziness

Knowing your connection to pain and happiness is key to tackling the root causes of delay. There are many symptomatic solutions that do not produce lasting results. You have to exercise your passion first, but the point is to re-engage in the work that you are avoiding. You can do, do, or have anything your heart desires, as long as you can overcome your own fears and take action. The real reason for the delay is in your unconscious mind, but ultimately you can control your unconscious behavior.

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