May 27, 2022
joe biden
joe biden-us 46th president

Biden and Kamala Harris will go down in history as the worst administration ever — worse than Jimmy Carter’s.

We had a secure border, energy independence, peace in the Middle East, lower income taxes, a booming economy and Operation Warp Speed for the COVID vaccine under President Donald Trump.

What do we have now? An open border crisis (with criminal human, sex and drug trafficking), a canceled Keystone oil pipeline (with thousands of family jobs lost), weakness to our enemies (Iran, Russia and China), higher gas prices, inflation, riots, crime and calls to defund the police in Democratic-run cities (such as Chicago, Minneapolis and Portland).

We have a president who is too weak to lead our country, and a vice president who is not capable to tackle the border crisis. And then there’s Hunter Biden’s laptop. 

Biden is enduring the worst week of his presidency, unable to tame the chaos in Afghanistan and facing frustration even from his Democratic allies.

The scenes from Kabul speak for themselves regarding the human cost of the U.S. withdrawal and the Taliban’s takeover. 

In terms of U.S. domestic politics, one key question is whether the debacle is an inflection point, presaging difficult times ahead for the president — or whether it comes to be seen as a traumatic but brief bump in the road.




1 thought on “Is joe Biden the worst president?

  1. biden is one of the worst leaders in WORLD HISTORY, … Its so sad, because everyone knows he is not able to make any decisions at all, even what he wants for dinner, someone else will have to decide, he is incapable.. Its a challenge for him to keep up with his beloved teleprompter… obummer , pelosi , gates , aoc , soros, the clintons , and the like, are some of the ones taking the steps to ensure this country is destroyed…. They want to have the F.B.I. attack you for disagreeing with anything you say against their agenda, And while they spend trillions of dollars, they are having the I.R.S. investigate you for any amount over $600.00 deposited or withdrawn from your account…. Truly GOD will judge these Evil, so called humans..

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