May 23, 2022

why Hero Splendor is the best selling Indian bike?

First, let’s take a look at the history of hero splendor. As you know, the Splendor was a co-branded motorcycle of Hero and Honda. This bike was launched in 1994 and was the successor to the Hero Honda CD100. Since then, he has never been shocked by any of his competitors.

Honda Hero Splendor 100cc

Why is Hero Splendor always getting the top seller label? The blog shows five reasons. So read through, and there are some unusual facts from the hero’s splendor.

Mileage of hero splendor

Honda Hero Splendor 100cc
hero Splendor 100cc

Before the splendor, customers had few motorcycle options. Of the options, most were fuel inefficient. The Hero Splendor was one of the first motorcycles in India to cover over 70 km to a litre. As you know, most Indian customers prefer mileage efficiency to b.h.p(power). As I explained about power, we can go to the second reason. Next is the iSmart 110. It also has incredible performance and mileage.

power & Torque

Honda Hero Splendor 100cc 2007
Honda Hero Splendor 100cc 2007

Hero Splendor was introduced as a 4-stroke engine. As a result, this motorcycle offered a level of sophistication that no other motorcycle offered during the period. Bikes provide excellent performance for everyday tasks. For reference, current motorcycles are equipped with a BS6 compliant engine with 97.2cc fuel injection with a peak capacity of approximately 7.9h.p. It delivers a peak power of 8.05 Nm.

Boldness & ruggedness

Honda Hero Splendor 100cc pro
Honda Hero Splendor 100cc Pro

It’s hard to say about the ruggedness of any vehicle today, but Splendor has proved its ruggedness over time. You still see much of the wonder of 20 years and it still looks great. Another proof of toughness is the sale of bicycles from rural areas. Local customers are always concerned about robustness. As Splendor proves its robustness, these bikes are preferred by the rural people of our time. To make your bike more practical, Splendor’s handles and hinges have luggage racks.

Service and maintenance

Honda Hero Splendor 100cc Engine
Honda Hero Splendor 100cc Engine

Heroes have a large presence in the country and have the most service networks in India. Another point that supports greatness is low maintenance costs. 10 years of motorcycle replacement parts are still very easy and very affordable. This makes Splendor very affordable.
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price and cost

Honda Hero Splendor 100cc 2021
Honda Hero Splendor 100cc 2021

Another important reason for the success of the bike is price. Hero Splendor is offered at a very low price. The current BS6 model starts at IRS: 59,600 (in front of the showroom). The manufacturer currently claims a mileage of 80 km / l. In addition, a new motorcycle comes with tubeless tires, Hero’s i3 start / stop system, combo brakes and new graphics.


The iconic Hero Splendor model is the best-selling bike compared to other bikes due to the close price range and bike distance. The mileage of this beautiful bike is about 70kmpl to max 90kmpl, and the maximum speed is 90km/h.
Most of these bikes are sold in large quantities because they are so light for a 100cc bike. Another reason is that it’s a money-friendly bike. These bikes are widely used by people who have long daily commute distances. People who work at construction sites (masons), dairy workers, mail carriers, etc.

  • It’s cheap: Over 50% of India’s population is below the income segment of the lower middle class. Costs play a big role for these people when they buy motorcycles. Even today, it costs less than £ 60,000.
  • It’s very fuel efficient-the new bike gives you 70kmpl without sweating. Some users report 75kmpl from their bikes. When I bought the bike (Passion Plus) in 2004, the average speed was 65km / h. Even after 14 years, you can still easily get about 50 kmp/l. So you can get the idea of ​​fuel efficiency of this bike over the years.
  • The maintenance cost is very low. Once every 6 months, the cost of the service is about 400-500 rupees. Maintenance of this bike is typically less than £ 1000 per year.
  • Parts are very cheap, OEM replacement parts are cheap, and if you go to parts in non-OEM regions, the price will be an additional 20-25% cheaper.
  • Very sturdy. This bike is made to last a long time. Little repair is needed while owning these bikes. I’ve seen many owners literally stuck on their motorcycles, but the next day it still begins. My bike was involved in an accident in 2015 and broke in almost half. My dad sent it to recover. A month and 5000 years later, I returned to the garage, but after the first kick in the morning, the engine was still noisy.
  • hero offer a wide range of services. Hero has numerous service centers in India. Also, there are many mechanics all over India, and I can’t remember when I last went to the official service center.
  • Legacy: This motorcycle has been loved since its launch in 1994. Since then, this motorcycle has been associated with its reliability and economical maintenance.

fun fact about hero splendor:

There are some interesting facts about Hero splendor you need to know. If all the sold splendors are parked next to each other, it will take 3 rounds+ of the Earth to park all the bikes.

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