May 9, 2022

Asphalt 9 is a great Android game

Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9 for Android and iOS became available after the extended soft launch period that began in February. The first impression of this racing game said it was a surprisingly sophisticated entry into a long-running series. The final release of Asphalt 9 with a download size of 1.5GB on iOS and Android will let you know if it’s a good successor to Asphalt 8: Airborne.

Asphalt 9
Asphalt 9

New features of Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9: Legend holds the hands of the real cars of famous and legendary car makers from many international brands such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and W Motors. Drive, drive and perform tricks in dynamic real-world locations in solo or multiplayer games. Asphalt 8: Racing adrenaline from the creators of Airborne.

Customize high-end hypermotor

There are more than 70 A brand high speed car engines in the world to collect. Each vehicle is selected from the world’s most famous car brands and manufacturers and has an adaptive aesthetic. Choose your car, customize body paint, rims and wheels, and apply different looking body parts to compete around the world.

Automatic and manual race control

Improve your skills and follow the streets like a pro with accurate manuals. If you want to navigate, TouchDrive is a ride control system that streamlines the direction of the car so you can focus on decision making and timing. This feature is great for allowing you to focus on your environment, soundtrack, and sound effects.

Event and Career Mode

Embark on a true street racing journey in career mode with over 60 seasons and 900 opportunities. In the Asphalt 9 Events section, you can always experience new and rewarding challenges. Try out limited time opportunities or take part in story-driven scenarios to compete among asphalt racers.

Racing sensation

Experience a pure asphalt 9 arcade game combined with realistic racing sensations. Immersiveness is guaranteed thanks to reflection and particle effects, HDR versions, realistic sound effects, and the soundtracks of renowned musicians.

Multiplayer mode and racing club

Online multiplayer mode allows you to control your car with real street action. Play up to 7 competitive players around the world in a fierce racing game. Drive, drive and perform tricks to earn additional club points. Use the club features to create your own online community of runner friends. Play together, compete in different places and unlock rewards while increasing your multiplayer club rankings.


Asphalt 9 Apollonews
Asphalt 9

First, if you expected this to be a big issue like in recent Need for Speed games, think again. Asphalt 9: Legend has a head-on focus on racing. The goal is to win every race season. Fortunately, we don’t just compete for pole position at every event. There’s a lot of variety to keep you going, from the job of escaping the police to the job of hitting the clock at the best time or completing many tricks. Add a consistent number of unlocks, including upgrades to improve car handling and speed, new vehicle blueprints, and new opportunities available on a regular basis.

Asphalt 9 does a great job of feeling your own way. that is. You make concrete progress in each play session. Even within 10 hours, which is the time from the soft release version to the final version, the style does not collapse. This extends to Asphalt 9 footage. Despite the length of time we spend on the game, it still feels fresh. From the dusty details of tires rolled up on railroads in the Midwestern United States to the highly detailed car models with reflections, the iPhone 6s looks great.

Racing on Asphalt 9 will take you from the snow-covered Himalayas in the evening to sunny Cairo (with the pyramids in the background), Shanghai, and the aforementioned Midwestern United States. Easily rotate between these levels and blend the length of each race as well as the obstacles you face, such as Himalayan rock falls and US tornadoes. There is always something new that evokes you. Attention and when it repeats. Same graphic trick, your welcome will not feel tired.

New controls of Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9 review NDTV 360

There’s also a new touch drive control option that lets you move the screen like Temple Run. Touch Drive allows you to orient your car so you can avoid obstacles, jump on ramps, and hit enemies on the road while automatically handling car turns and accelerations.

I can do it. By tapping the screen, you can use Nitro to control when you speed up, drive, or perform tricks. Of course, there are no fine-tuned alternatives like the Tilt to Steer, which drives with a mobile phone gyro, or the Tap to Steer, which has virtual buttons. This is a great addition that makes Asphalt 9 much more accessible to those who don’t. I don’t want to do this. Noise from many twists and turns in each racetrack. We found that all three control schemes responded equally.

less cars but more fun

Asphalt 9
Asphalt 9

We completed three race seasons, quite a few limited-time events, and about 30 multiplayer races, but only seven cars. Micro transactions are a combination of cars, upgrades, and blueprints from Rs. 159 rupees 7900 for iOS and Rs. 30 rupees 7900 for Android. Make money with games. Three of them will earn tokens and credits for all the races that can be used to purchase card packs, and a third coin to exchange unwanted blueprints. None of these were particularly substantial or useful in getting a new car.

One of the things that makes Asphalt 9 different from previous entries is the speed at which it gets a new car. While playing the game, I found that unless the race required a particular type of car, I improved the functionality of the existing vehicle and used it more often than switching between multiple games. rice field. This is because new cars are collected infrequently.

Instead of getting them as a reward for completing the event, you get a blueprint-part of a new car. Whether you win a new car depends on the number of blueprints you get in the race or card pack, which is the version of the loot game available as an in-app purchase. You can also complete a series of events or watch ads to win card packs.

The relative shortage of new cars wasn’t enough to tempt us to spend real money, but Gameloft adapted this part of the game to be more generous in the next few days. I’m looking forward to it.

Online connectivity is must for Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9
Asphalt 9

Another area of the game that can get attention is online connectivity. Like most free micro transaction games, you should always be online. This is necessary to avoid any form of deception or avoidance of in-app purchases. However, there are many requests for implementation.

For example, if you make any changes, the menu screen alone will separate you from the game, but not in other games. It seemed to be happening whether I was using a Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection. It will automatically try to reconnect, but it will hurt the experience. This may be an area of improvement as Asphalt 9 is now available worldwide.

Battery life

In terms of battery life and heat, the 20-minute Asphalt 9 session returned 20% on iPhone 6s with recently replaced batteries. The phone got hot, but never reached the lowest point. Cannot play. Your mileage may be different.

Conclusion about Asphalt 9

Is Asphalt 9 Worth Playing? definitely. We’re not the biggest fan of how your car collection currently works, and its whimsical and always online nature is annoying, but it doesn’t matter if the rest of the game is this good or not. is not. Asphalt 9 is one of the best racing games you can download right now.

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