April 30, 2022

7 reasons why you should visit Pakistan?

Pakistan is blessed with a wealth of nature and history. Incredible mountain scenery lies against the backdrop of the Desert Garrison and the story of the Sultan and djinns. In their city, old bazaars house complex etched copper cookware next to hot spice shelves and steaming teahouses.

Pakistani truck

Pakistani truck

There are great reason to visit Pakistan, from the mighty range of Karakorum in the north to the vast delta of the Indus River in the south, Pakistan remains a land of great adventure and nature. Hiking, mountaineering, rafting, boar hunting, mountain and desert jeep safaris, camel and yak safaris, trout fishing and bird watching are some of the activities that attract nature and adventure lovers to Pakistan.

Pakistan is home to a wealth of diverse flora and fauna. High Himalayan, Karakoram, Hindu Kush region with alpine meadows and permanent snow lines, coniferous forests in sub-mountain shrub-lands, vast Indus plains that join vast deserts, coastlines and wetlands are all very rich. Provides a variety of vegetation. Related fauna, including both endemic and migratory avian fauna. In Pakistan, 10 out of 18 mammal eyes are represented, and their species range from the dwarf beak of the Mediterranean, the smallest mammal in the world, to the largest mammal known to date. blue whale.

Whether it’s the northern peaks or the southern deserts, all ethnic groups bring ancient traditions, fascinating cultures, all kinds of food, bright clothing, fascinating myths, and unparalleled unique lands. Is producing. You should visit Pakistan at least once in your life, as the beauty of the landscape, adorned with the fascinating aspects of people’s souls and rich culture, will definitely be an experience you always cherish.

  • here are the reasons to visit Pakistan:

Natural beauty of Pakistan:

Natural beauty of Pakistan
Natural beauty of Pakistan

Pakistan is known for its geographical excellence because it contains all sorts of natural phenomena that begin on the hills leading up to the top of the northern tower. With vast fields and rivers, the sea begins to appear in the direction of Sindh, and finally the vast desert, a complete treasure trove of natural gifts. One of the reasons why landscapes are still so attractive is that most of them are still preserved in their most raw and natural form. Remember that Pakistan is proud to claim five of the tallest and most glorious mountains in the world.

Cultural diversity of Pakistan:

Pakistani culture Diversity ApolloNews
Pakistani culture

Pakistan has four states, each with its own palette of cultures, traditions, dialects, food and arts. This cultural diversity stems from ethnic diversity, which has a profound and lasting impact on the whole culture. When you travel the whole country, traveling to each state is like going to a new country.

You can see the differences in how people look, dress, speak, and act. This diversity is the variety of foods we have, the variety of music and instruments we play, the variety of songs and literature we read, and the vast number of dialects we own. Enrich. It’s a very fascinating experience as you can experience many unique cultures under the umbrella of collective culture and make your journey a variety lesson.

Traditional food of Pakistan:

Delicious Pakistani Food
Pakistani food

Pakistani foods are known for their special use of all kinds of herbs and spices. Each traditional dish is a special blend, the recipe of which has been refined for generations to give it the perfect flavor. All dishes, such as lentils, fried chicken, and lamb, must be perfectly seasoned and cooked, so it’s fun to eat bit by bit when preparing the final dish. It is also known for its unique sweets known as “Mitai,” a sweet product covered with a variety of nuts made with local recipes. Pakistan is known for its agriculture, so you need to be prepared to try out the types of organic fruits and vegetables that you can only dream of.

Local bazaar of Pakistan:

Pakistani market or Bazaar
Pakistani market

Pakistan has another thriving market culture. Each city or district has hundreds of markets, each with its own culture. The interesting thing about the local bazaar is that every store has been there for decades and there are still owners who can answer questions about their crafts. The clothing store owner informs you about all kinds of fabrics around the world, and the silver jeweler tells you about all kinds of silver found all over the world. This relationship between sellers and customers is invaluable in the modern age of non-personal shopping, so every purchase can be a great bond session and even bigger product lessons.

Beautifully decorated crafts:

Pakistani Handicrafts
Pakistani Handicrafts

There are many craftsmen in this country, so I learned special skills from my parents and special skills from my parents, so I am very skilled in manufacturing certain products. Due to the complexity of the etched design, there are beautifully woven rugs that take over 6 months to create. Beautiful embroidery is applied to all kinds of clothes. Special jewelry is also perfectly cut by hand, not by machine. Tools made of copper and silver follow the same pattern of unique craftsmanship, making this variety a paradise for handmade crafts not available anywhere else in the world.

Great local music:

 local Pakistani Music
local Pakistani music

Most musicians on the outskirts of urban and rural towns prefer to use traditional oriental instruments such as flute, rhubarb, harmonium and tabla (local drums), along with some city centers. .. In addition to the sonic beauty of these local instruments, there are notes and hymns over 1000 years old that local musicians can sing and get drunk without material. No matter how many rock and metal concerts you attend, the experience of listening to Kawali (dedicated music) will always be a musical experience that will resonate with you.

Unique hospitality of Pakistan:

Badshahi Mosque of Pakistan
Badshahi Mosque

If you are coming from overseas, you will be pleasantly surprised that the residents will provide you with hospitality. Whether you’re in a big city or on a backpacking trip in the northern region, anyone crossing the road will tell you everything you need to know about the region. The conversation always ends as a guest invited to your home. Tea and dinner. Few people do not offer foreigners a tour of the area in which they are staying so that they can see all the unique things that are unknown to travelers.

well, there are millions of reason you can find to visit Pakistan but that’s it from us.

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